This website showcases my love of Studio photography with families, Landscape Photography and Event Photography

Studio Work:

I love working with parents and children to take photos that show we had fun and will bring smiles to peoples’ faces. I aim to make prices affordable and enable people to buy several photos following the shoot to provide exceptional memories of the event that can be shared with other members of the family.

Please see below for prices. You can see examples of family sets in the Galleries section – I hope they show that they enjoyed themselves as well as having photos taken. Photos that appear first are invidually hand-edited. Later ones were ‘maybes’ for clients and have not been post-processed but I have included them to show the variety available.

Recent feedback: – “Thank you for the lovely photos you took, they are stunning. It was hard to choose between them there were so many great shots. My Mum was thrilled with her picture- a great birthday present! “ Julia Walton

Landscape Photography

Again, examples of my work are included in the galleries.


My Blog includes all the detailed resources from my previous website, as well as many more recent posts. Please feel free to add comments or to email me using the contact form.

About Me

I shoot in raw using a Canon 5D Mk2 and/or a 50D depending on what I am doing and how far I am walking. I use a combination of Elemental 600W Studio Flash Heads, reflectors and softboxes (Bowens S fittings). I use Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC as part of the Adobe Photographer’s Deal for my workflow and print using Fotospeed pigment inks with the Fotospeed Tubeless Inkflow system on an Epson R3000.

Detailed information about the building of the website and the blog – using the The Turning Gate Web Engines and WordPress – is available in the Construction page of the Blog.

I hope you enjoy browsing.

Chris Sharples , Feb 2015