I started using Photoshop Elements and moved to Lightroom when it became Lightroom 2, and I”ve used it for most of my post processing since then.  If doing monochrome, I also use Nik Efex.

My main influences at the moment are Photographer’s Workflow and Photographer’s Post-Production by  Gavin Gough.

Also Adobe Lightroom 5  Missing FAQ by Victoria Bampton, and  Lightroom 5 Unmasked ($20.00) by Piet Van den Eynde (with advanced insight from Luminous Landscape Introduction & Advanced Guide Videos (x67) to Lightroom 4)

Victoria Bampton is the “Lightroom Queen” @LightroomQueen on twitter and has kept up-to-date versions of Adobe Lightroom X Missing FAQs – my amazon review is here.  There is also a free download of comprehensive keyboard shortcuts. and useful Lightroom links.  My list of shortcuts is here.

Links to Videos
Better Black and White with Lightroom